Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Primal/tactical skinner/EDC

This one is another that walked off my table at a gun show (the last gun show I'm doing for a while) before I could make a sheath or get good pictures and dimensions.

It's kind of a skinner shape, though there may be a bit much point for that. The blade is under 4" long, with a fairly stout spine that tapers distally to the point. The knife is forged from 3/4" round 5160, filed bevel, triple normalized, triple hardened, triple tempered, and shaving sharp.

The handle is parachute cord, with black for the underlay, desert tan that has its core stripped out so it lays flatter for the overlay, and desert tan with the core intact for the two-strand Turk's head knot. The wrap is impregnated with Minwax Wood Hardener to make a composite material in place.

The fellow who bought it looked at all the knives and said they were going to look around the rest of the show and come back, which usually means you never see the person again. He did come back, though, and before sending the knife with him I checked to make sure it was properly sharp by shaving a patch of hair off of my hirsute forearm. He was surprised; he said he had not thought it was that sharp when he was looking at it before. :D

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  1. My buddy was the one that bought this knife. I would like to get one just like it. Please contact me at 8176763545. Thanks Jason.