Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My blade, Snakewood's handle

This blade was commissioned by a fellow who posts on the PaleoPlanet froum under the name Snakewood. He wanted a knife blade patterned after the knife I made for the airman to take to SERE training, but with a hidden tang that he could put his own handle on. He's making the knife and a sheath for a customer.

Here's what it looked like before being shipped:

Note the plentifully-stout tang. It's approximately 1/4" thick at the blade/tang transition, tapering slightly to the end of the tang and tapering distally to the point of the blade. The blade is around 7" long, forged from 3/4" round 5160 and given my typical triple normalization, triple hardening in canola oil, triple tempering heat treatment.

And here's how it looks now:

The handle is osage orange (bodark, as we Texans pronounce it) mortised to fit the tang, the guard is copper, the pins are 1/4" brass with bronze flange bushings, and the butt of the handle is Montana big horn sheep held with brass pins.

And for a sense of size-in-hand:

Looking forward to seeing what he does with the sheath and with the other blades I'm finishing up for him. :)

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  1. One of your best! Big fan of bowies & a 7"blade makes for a really usable knife. Bill