Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Authentic forged knives

Here's some of the work that has left my shop since the last time I posted, from smallest to largest.  Everything is 80CrV2 steel with Tero Tuf or marine epoxy-impregnated paracord handles, with one exception.
This double-edged, slightly pointier-than-usual variation of my Little Rok pattern went to a fellow in Special Forces.  He ordered it with black oxide finish. 
A couple of different Benghazi Warfighters that went to different customers.
A couple of different Benghazi Warfighters that went to the same customer.  The cord wrapped one is black on black and double edged.
This double-edged Benghazi Warfighter has a hardened, beveled skullcrusher and handle slabs of Warwood, a corn-based product used in the IED-resistant bellies of MRAPS.
And this big ol' Bowie has an 11" blade, is 2 5/16" wide at the base of the blade, and has a false edge.
And this ridiculous thing has been heat treated since this photo was taken, but still needs the handle wrapped.  Think it'll be with me at the Blade Show if someone doesn't take a shine to it beforehand.