Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long-handled Primal/Tactical Bowie with Kydex

I taught a three-day knifemaking workshop a couple of weekends ago and one of the students bought this from my inventory of waiting-to-make-sheaths-before-posting-pics blades. While we were waiting for the Minwax Wood Hardener to dry on our paracord handle wraps, I took the opportunity to demonstrate making a simple foldover Kydex sheath.

The knife was forged from 3/4" round 5160, bevel and false edge were hand filed, and the blade was given my typical triple normalize/triple harden/triple temper heat treatment. The handle is a bit longer than I typically do, and would make for good extended leverage for chopping. The underlay is a bronze/gold paracord, with a black paracord overlay and two-strand Turk's head knot, all sealed with Minwax Wood Hardener.

The customer is a professional knife sharpener who works from home and also a member of a primitive skills group, so he should have an appreciation for a quality blade. :) He kept picking up different knives in my inventory box and liked them all, but always gravitated back to this one. It was shaving sharp when he got it, but I'm sure it has his own preferred edge on it now.

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