Sunday, May 3, 2015

Short bush sword/long bush knife, plus Blade Show preview

This was the quickest turnaround time on any order I've ever done, and it was just happenstance.  I had a fellow call me up wanting a shorter version of a bush sword that he had seen posted on a bushcraft forum.  This particular bush sword is on my business card in a picture showing it having cut through a tree almost as big around as the length of the blade.  He wanted a shorter version, which would really take it out of bush sword proportions into large camp knife territory.  I was already going to be forging another bush sword blade and had a looming bill that could be eased with another order, so I took it on and had it shipped out the next week.

The blade is 10.5" including the choil, and the handle is an integral socket with marine epoxy-impregnated hemp wrap and two-strand Turk's head knots.  It's forged from 5160.

A shot of it in hand with my camera acting funky.

Here's the picture of the original that's on my business card.

And after cutting all the way through.

And a look at some of the forged work I plan to have on my table in Atlanta.  Still need to do tactical tomahawks and mid-tech fixed blades, too.

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