Friday, April 17, 2015

Primal/tactical shorty

I posted this knife a little while back:

It was actually forged after this one:

The customer who got the slab-handled one liked the blade shape of the cord-wrapped one, but decided his commanding officer (for whom he was buying the knife) would rather have the slab handle, and without the false edge to make it a little less aggressive-looking.

I finished up the cord-wrapped one (5 1/4" blade forged from 80CrV2), and it ended up being bought by a tac medic here in Texas.  I had to ask what that entailed, and apparently they get called in when there is some kind of SWAT event or other "shots fired" situations.

Per his request I added a Combat Loop (similar to a TekLok, different latching mechanism) for scout carry.

He plans on carrying it as his EDC, and added his RATs tourniquet to the sheath.  I love Kydex.  :)

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