Monday, March 24, 2014

Tactical Knives article bush sword

I just had an article by Joe Flowers come out in the July issue (yes, already on the stands in March!) of Tactical Knives Magazine.  He reviewed a bush sword and companion knife that I made for him with an ambidextrous, modular leather sheath rig by Luke Swenson (  I've had several e-mails and calls congratulating me on the article and asking questions after reading it.

The photos by Terrill Hoffman are terrific, but they're in black and white and don't convey the retina-searing neon lemon color of the paracord wrap on the handle.  I chose the color after seeing another article Joe wrote about a river rafting knife that also had a bright yellow handle for high visibility.

A nice personal touch from Luke.

We also made a rig at the same time for fellow TK writer Reuben Bolieu.  In contrast, I used retina-searing neon orange paracord for his.  I found out later that he likes orange tools for working in jungle as it shows up easily if dropped among leaves.  He's posted on various forums photos of the rig being used to cut wood for fires and shelters, cutting good-sized logs to build a raft, making shavings for fire starter, clearing tall grass, etc.  Here it is with him on a trip to Peru: 

I handed over the rigs to these two gentlemen at the Blade Show.  Here's Joe with his:

And, from left to right, Luke, Reuben, and me.


  1. Always nice to see another update. Congratulations on the article in Tactical Knives & the sheath/carry system by Luke Swenson is well designed..........Bill

  2. Have you ever tried using horse shoe rasps for blade material? I have had one made from this material for about 15 years and it has stood up to real use(including using a hammer on the top side of the blade.).... They also make a mean looking snakeskin appearance. Just a thought. Great knives and as a combat veteran I applaud your patriotism.

  3. Never used horseshoe rasps for material before, though I know that a number of smiths use them for wrapped tomahawks and for knives. It's always a guess what the alloy is on them, and they can even be case-hardened mild steel. I used to use leaf spring a lot, but these days I use new steel of known alloys for almost everything.

  4. Hello, my name is Michael and I was wondering how I could purchase one of the Bush sword and knifepack. Like the one you gave to your friend who went to Peru. Thanks for your time!