Thursday, March 6, 2014

Knife Rights Warfighter

In support of Knife Rights' efforts in safeguarding the owners of all things sharp from pernicious legislation, I'm again donating to their yearly Ultimate Steel fundraising raffle.  Last year was a bush sword with a leather sheath rig by Luke Swenson.  This year, it's one of my Benghazi Warfighter model and a Kydex sheath I made for it.

The knife is 11 3/4" overall, with a blade length of 6 3/4" and a false edge about 2/3 the blade length.  It's forged from 1/4" 5160 that's been triple normalized, triple hardened, and triple tempered.  The handle is black canvas Micarta with flared stainless steel tubing rivets.

The point is a bit more aggressive on this particular one than what I've been making, and it's something I'm going to incorporate into the Benghazi Warfighter design.

It comes with a black Kydex sheath with a large TekLok.

I appreciate Knife Rights' work and am glad to help them out.  I've seen their efforts to change restrictive laws here in my own state of Texas, and they are making a positive change for knife owners.  This set is on its way to them and will have better photos taken of it than what my own poor efforts can do, and I'll put up the better pics when I get them.

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  1. Good to see you donating your time/effort for Knife Rights. Soneone will win a great knife! Bill