Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two configurations of Benghazi Warfighter tactical fixed blades

These are the first two to get finished up out of a batch that I'm getting ready for my table at the Lone Star Knife Expo next month. The black one is for show inventory, the double-edged tan version is a commission for a Navy SEAL. Blades are 6 1/2", all edges shave, steel is 5160, handles are canvas Micarta, sheaths are Kydex.



 The pictures aren't the best (I'll get better ones later), but to make up for it I have some video with some fairly low-key testing.


  1. James, Very nice knives. Will some of these be donation knives as well? Good luck at the upcoming Lone Star Knife Expo, too. Wish I could be there! Bill......

  2. Thanks, Bill. Nope, these will all be for sale. I'd donate 'em all if I could afford it. Maybe if I win the lottery. Chances of that are pretty slim unless I start buying tickets, though. ;-)