Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Warfighter accompanies a Marine to Afghanistan

A fellow who is deploying with the Marine unit that I donated knives to earlier in the year wanted one for himself.  I finished one of the Benghazi Warfighters out from the batch I'm getting ready for the Lone Star Knife Expo next month and got it headed his way.  Now I have to build more knives for the show, since all of the ones with natural canvas Micarta are spoken for already.  :)

To be clear, this one is not a donation knife but a paying gig.

Like the others, it's a 6 1/2" blade forged from 5160, with natural canvas Micarta and stainless steel flared tube rivets.

The sheath is coyote brown Kydex with a TekLok.


  1. I believe your knives travel the world in good company! Bill

    1. Thank you!

      It's an honor to have folks whose lives depend upon their gear chose to carry gear made by you. Makes one proud and humble at the same time.