Friday, February 8, 2013

Soldier rig personalized

Here are the changes the soldier has made so far:

The handle on Mightor felt a bit small to him, so he wrapped it in paracord. The previous Micarta handles I've done felt a bit thick to me, so I stepped the size down; this one felt fine to me. I've offered to take off the handle slabs and put on thicker ones if he prefers but he says that he likes having the paracord on there as an extra option.

He's wearing the rig attached to his belt with it stuck down into his pocket. He decided the roller head prybar would be used the most, so used the sheath for the flat prybar to cover the end and has the flat bar stowed in his go bag and arranged the sheath so it would fit in the pocket (which must be rather deep!). He also took Little Rok and attached it at a cant to the back side of the main sheath, allowing quick and easy access. I've also offered to build an enclosed sheath specifically for the roller head prybar so the flat prybar can keep its own sheath. Like I said earlier, I wasn't sure how the prybar sheaths would work out and was figuring there might be some tweaking to get everything situated.

He took part of an old rigger's belt and cut a long enough loop to hook onto a wide pistol belt and let the rig ride at the appropriate height in his pocket and then attached it with some Chicago screws.

After that, he added some paracord to the outside to smooth things up and add some extra cordage.

And here it is as worn.

I like modular gear; it's like Legos for big kids. :D

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  1. James, you're right....he must have large pockets. I bet he's enjoying making modifications that suit him best & I'm sure those knives will serve him well! Bill.....