Friday, February 22, 2013

Bush sword with recurve and sharpened clip

This was commissioned by a fellow who liked the bush sword I made for the SEAL a while back. He wanted something close. This one ended up a bit longer and narrow with some recurve, but much along the same lines:

The steel is 5160, triple normalized, triple hardened, and triple tempered. The integral socket handle is wrapped in olive drab paracord, with coyote brown two-strand Turk's head knots fore and after, all impregnated with Miwax Wood Hardener. The overall length is 24", with a 17 3/4" blade. The fully sharpened clip is 4 1/2". It'll shave hair coming or going. :)

The sheath is Kydex with forest digital camo and two MOLLE locks.

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