Saturday, September 15, 2012

Double-edged Warfighter

This is the second knife I've made with the new-to-me-method of using flared tube rivets (along with epoxy) to hold on handle slabs. The second time was quicker and I figured out a couple of tricks to streamline things. Now to make a bunch more knives using this technique. :)

The steel is my favorite, 5160, triple normalized, triple hardened, triple tempered. The handle slabs are black canvas Micarta and the flared tube rivets are stainless steel. The blade, including the choil, is 7 3/8", overall length is 12 1/4", , spine is 1/4" thick at the blade/tang transition with a distal taper to the tip, and the weight is 13 ounces. It's slightly blade heavy, which is just fine by me as I tend to think in terms of chopping.

The spine is rounded on this one, and the top edge shaves hair off my arm quite nicely.

The sheath is black Kydex with two MOLLE locks.

In comparison with my Overbuilt warfighter:

In comparison, Overbuilt is 12 5/16" overall, with a 7 1/2" blade and 1/4" distally tapering spine, and weighs 14.4 ounces.

Both these and another item or two will be going to a guy who will take better photos than me, and then more folks will get to see them. :D

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  1. Really nice pair of the blade on the Warfighter best! Bill......