Friday, September 7, 2012


A new member of the Aggression family; this one was a commission from a fellow who like the looks of the original Aggression but wanted a longer blade (a foot-long blade is not enough!) and something a little less retina-searing for the handle wrap than neon orange. :D

For comparison, the original and the other brothers, all with blades approximately 12" long:

I forged the new one out of 5160 and pulled the blade out to 15", with an overall length of 21". The soapstone lines give a general idea of the final look.

After an overnight vinegar soak to eat the scale off and stock removing primarily by hand filing, I had this:

Heat treatment was my standard triple normalization, triple hardening, triple tempering process I use with 5160. After cleanup, it looked much the same as before.

And then came the handle wrap and sharpening. Two layers of paracord, with olive drab for the underlay and black for the overlay, and a three-strand Turk's head knot all impregnated with Minwax Wood Hardener. Kydex sheath with two MOLLE locks slightly offset to slant the handle a bit more forward while worn.

The olive drab doesn't show up nearly as much as the neon colors. Subtle. :)

The top clip is fully sharpened and I have a bare patch on my otherwise hirsute forearm from both sides of the blade.

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  1. Excellent work!! The Turkish knot complements the blades and makes for an excellent hand guard. I just started forging blades and one day I hope to forge a piece like the Belligerence line. What size stock do you start with or are they forged from scrap leaf spring? Do you hot cut the tang at all or forge 100% to shape?