Monday, August 6, 2012

Kydex sheaths for bush swords

I mentioned earlier that I had moved to a new shop recently and had a lot of down time waiting on the power to get hooked up and all of the wiring done. When I finally got enough power to run my heat gun, tabletop bandsaw, and belt grinder, I started working on projects that I could do with those. Among those were a couple of Kydex sheaths for bush swords. Both were inventory made for the Blade Show. The willow leaf bush sword was bought by a fellow who saw it at the Blade Show but requested that the handle be re-wrapped in black paracord.

Here's what it was like before, with hemp cord and amber shellac:

And now:

Two MOLLE locks on the scabbard, though the grommets give lots of options for carrying and storing extra outdoor gear.

And the dha, which was requested by a fellow who saw it online, but hit a bump in the road and wasn't able to go ahead and get it at this time (he has plans to get something later on). Which means this one's available. :D

And of course, the Xtreme Challenge knife sheath I showed in the last post.

Got a few other projects that I worked on during that time that I'll show later. I'll be back to forging ahead sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow. Still gotta move stuff around so I can actually work.

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