Friday, August 17, 2012

Companion primal knife for retired SWAT officer

Some time back I made a primal knife in my warfighter profile for a retired SWAT officer who teaches at a military school. It was an 8" long blade with a 1/4" spine forged from 5160 steel and a hemp over leather cord wrap. Upon recieving it he proceeded to use the heck out of it and was so happy with it he decided to order up a companion knife for doing smaller, finer work.

Here's the first knife he ordered:

The second knife was forged from 3/16" x 1" 1084 plain high carbon steel from Aldo Bruno. Here's what it looked like after forging with the profile cleaned up but before the bevels were filed.

After hardening in canola oil and tempering three times, I wrapped the handle. There is a slab of leather underneath the wrap on either side going the full length of the handle. They have holes so that the hemp wraps through the steel and the leather. The three-strand Turk's head know is in black cotton cord, and then whole handle is sealed in amber shellac.

After all of that had cured and the edge was sharpened to shaving sharp, it looked like this:

He's done a bang-up good job making a Kydex sheath with a firesteel loop for the big knife and has made a pair of sheaths for the companion. After I get pics of the companion sheahts, and with his permission, I'll post those up.

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