Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Neo-Tribal blades... got me thinking...

These are a bit different from my typical work, and are leading to even more different blades from me in the future.

They all except the little one with the ring are forged from Ford F-250 coil spring, multiple quenched in veggie oil and multiple tempered. Cotton cord Turk's head knots, hemp cord wrap, natural and black shellac sealer, shaving sharp edge. The usual. They are a smidge thicker than I typically do, with the Bowies starting at 5/16" at the blade/tang transition and the utility/EDC knives starting at about 1/4" at the same spot, all tapering distally to the point.

These first two are pretty close to what I've been doing, except for being beefier. 4 1/2" blade, 9" OAL

4" blade, 9" OAL

The Bowies are what have really started the gears turning.

This one got dubbed "Thunderdome" by another knifemaker. :D 6 1/2" blade, 11 3/4" OAL

6" blade, 11" OAL

And this little dude is quite cute. :) This one is a scrap piece of leaf spring left from forging a bush sword, with the thickness at the tang/blade transition 3/16", blade length 2 3/8", and 7" OAL.

So now, looking at the Bowies and all, and with other things going on in my mind to help fuel the gears turning, my mind is contemplating the phrase "primal/tactical". This could turn interesting.

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  1. I love the blade in the first pic. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.