Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bush sword in the works

This one is being made for a very patient member of a forum in trade for a Hay Budden anvil.

The blade is approximately 16 inches long, with a false edge, integral guard, and double choils/finger notches. They would be great for choking up for carfully knocking small limbs off of a pole to smooth it up or other similar tasks. Triple hardened in veggie oil, multiple temper cycles. I'm working out a small warp right now. Long blades tend to warp during heat treatment, and the closer you forge to final shape, the more important it is to get it straight without grinding. I'm using a trick that is fairly new to me, flexing the blade a bit past straight with a C-clamp, a flat piece of steel, and a couple of washers for spacers, then give it another tempering cycle. It works well, but sometimes has to be done more than once.

Hopefully when I check on it in the morning, it'll be where it needs to be and I can proceed to wrapping and sealing the handle.

Got other bush swords in the works as well. :D