Saturday, March 9, 2019

Massive picture post: whole lotta forged blades

It's been a very busy last several months, and while I have produced a good number of blades, I haven't been as active online to post them.  So here's most of them from recent months.  :D

Everything is 80CrV2 steel, with various combinations of paracord and hemp wrapped handles, and Boltaron sheaths except for the two retina-searing colors, which are Kydex.

In vague order from November to February:

This chopper was forged very close to the final shape.  Minimal stock removal on the bevels.

A rare foldover sheath:

My eyes!

Not the same tan tanto as above.

A very rare kiridashi.

O tanto with a 13 1/2" blade and wakizashi with a 15 3/4" blade.  The waki was a commission from a Green Beret.

This 9" recurve was finished just in time to be a Christmas gift.


Did a number of ginuntings, have more in the future.

My eyes!

Hey, look, a midtech Little Rok with CNC machined bevels! Slowly making progress.  :D

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