Thursday, May 11, 2017

BLADE SHOW 2017, Price Announcement

In spite of my best intentions to get an early start on getting ready for the Blade Show, I find myself pushing hard to get a good showing ready in time, as usual.  I have two tables (26R) again this year, and if I can get everything finished up in time I will have them overflowing.

I wanted to drop a quick line to say that I am going to be raising the prices on my forged work after Blade.  This is something I've contemplated for a while, and it's overdue.  It has nothing to do with my victory on Forged in Fire.  My prices have been pretty static for the last couple of years (although the Price Guide has been in need of an update, the prices I have quoted to customers in correspondence has been consistent).  I make working pieces, nothing fancy, but there are several factors behind it.

For one thing, the dollar don't buy what it used to when I started out.  :)  Materials cost more, shipping costs more.  For another, I have become a more-established maker.  I'm not an unknown factor, I have some very good repeat customers for whom I am grateful.  As a craftsman establishes a reputation for producing good work, they tend to charge more than their juvenile efforts brought.

And that is really where the main reason comes into play: I make a better product than I used to.  I have spent a great deal of time, effort, and aggravation trying to make a tool that will serve its owner well for a lifetime.  I have had very positive feedback from customers who have used the heck out of their blades and have been quite happy with them.  The only thing that really seems to aggravate some folks is how blasted long it takes me to get their blade finished and to them sometimes, for which I cannot blame them. 

So the main reason is not inflation or fame (such as it is; a guy at the junkyard recognized me from Forged in Fire the other day!), but for an improved product.

I'm trying to get my mid-tech/stock removal line to a feasible production level to meet customers' desire for my more popular designs, and their prices will be more in line with my current work.  Most of the designs are based on those that I've forged a lot, though as time goes on I hope to introduce all new designs into the lineup.  I have a big list of things I want to do with the mid-tech line!

I'm not yet sure how much the increase will be.  I am making working tools as simply as I can figure out how to while delivering excellent performance and ergonomics.  I don't need to charge what makers building knives with a high degree of embellishment do. 

If you already have an order with me, your price will be what I have already quoted you.  Any inventory left after the Blade Show (and there always is inventory left, I take a *lot* of inventory!) will be the same price it was at the show.  I'm still not taking new orders for forged work unless you are active duty military, law enforcement, or first responders.  But when I do take new orders, or when I make something that is not intended for a particular customer, it will be more after Blade 2017 than before.

Ok, enjoy some pictures of what I have in progress for my tables at Blade 2017!

All forged blades are 80CrV2 steel and will receive various cord wraps for handles.  All stock removal knives are 3/16" 80CrV2 and will have TeroTuf handles.  The stock-removal tomahawks (I pick up the blanks tomorrow from the waterjetter) are 1/4" 4140 and will have TeroTuf handles.

Small forged blades:

Large forged blades:

Mid-tech Little Roks:

Mid-tech Benghazi Warfighters:

Mid-tech mini-parangs:

This variation on a sinuous bush sword will be my donation piece for Knife Rights:

And this post-nuclear barbarian sword, with a 21" blade and 33" overall length, will be my centerpiece.

Hope to see as many of y'all as possible at the show, and hope the rest of y'all keep your eye on the website to get your hands on what comes back home with me.  :D  Thanks!


  1. James,
    I can't believe you haven't raised your prices allready. I follow and have bought both custom and semi custom blades, and yours by far I feel have been way underpriced for the great quality you make. I'm glad to see you realize this too. And although my wallet doesn't like this change I will just have to save a bit longer for a brush sword type blade I am wanting. Have fun at blade, good luck to you..


    1. A lot of my customers are current military, and I've tried to keep my prices where they can afford my work on their limited budget. Things have crept up from what has been on the price guide (which was always a minimum anyway). To let you gauge where it's been, Benghazi Warfighters have been $220, $40 for a Kydex sheath.