Saturday, November 26, 2016

Little Rok, tantos, and Benghazi Warfighters

Some work that went off to customers this past month.  All of 'em are 80CrV2 blades with paracord over neoprene handles and Kydex sheaths.
First off, a Little Rok with exposed butt that went to a Georgia state trooper.  This had a 5.5" blade, longer than usual for that style.
Next, a 6" little black tanto that will be going on a duty belt.
A little 6" kwaiken in tan over black.
Which ended up being bought along with Costello the o-tanto...
... which got used to carve the customer's Thanksgiving turkey.
This black-over-olive drab Benghazi Warfighter went to a soldier.
And this one was supposed to be the one above, but the touchmark ended up getting stamped sideways.  I decided to aggressify the profile and make it a fully sharpened top edge.  I posted a pic of it on Instagram after the cleanup grinding had been done on the profile and offered it up at a pretty good discount (especially since it was a cosmetic flaw), and it ended up getting snatched up literally about two minutes later by a repeat customer in Special Forces.  He asked me to leave the butt exposed for hammering (or skullcrushing!) purposes.  It, too, has a black-over-olive drab wrap.

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