Friday, September 9, 2016


Folks, I'm swamped!  I will be busy well into next year, 2017. 
It's a good position to be in, but I need to get work out the door and whittling down on the stack of orders waiting on me, not adding to the stack.
I have a couple of large group buys, some wedding knives, and a bunch of individual orders.  As well as a growing list of mid-tech projects I want to do that need CAD files to have a chance of seeing the light of day.
There will be some available work posted soon, but I usually don't have work on hand because I am mostly making commissioned orders.
So, if you are active duty military, law enforcement, or first responder, feel free to place an order.  I try to take care of y'all first, but at this point it may still take a while.
If you want a tomahawk (and there are three new designs that I haven't done a solid post about yet), feel free to place an order.  Follow the instructions and price guide here: Helm Enterprises, Grinding Division
If you are wanting a custom one-off and are not one of the aforementioned people, I have to decline at this point.  Thank you for your interest, but I have a pretty full plate already.
If you are someone who has placed an order and is wondering where the heck it is, shoot me an e-mail.  My mind can only focus on so many things at a time, and while I maintain a work list, sometimes people slip into the cracks.  I'm working on catching up from folks who e-mailed while I was getting ready for/traveling to and from the Gathering.
I'm eager to get work to my patient customers.  Please help by reducing the amount of e-mail I have to handle telling folks that I can't take on more work at the moment.  I'll be posting pictures of finished work here, and you can catch in-progress shots on Instagram and Facebook (@helmforge). 
Oh, if you are looking for knifemaking/blacksmithing lessons in the San Antonio area, check with the Southwest School of Art for a class taught by my buddy Tobin Nieto (Forged in Fire champion!).  If you aren't in the area, check with the American Bladesmiths Society.
Thank y'all!  Stay tuned!

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