Saturday, January 2, 2016

Oxtail chopper chops Christmas cheer chop-chop

The customer who bought the oxtail chopper sent me this feedback and gave me permission to re-post it.  I love getting to see my blades put to work.  :)

"Eight foot Christmas tree.

 You probably recognize this.

After a short time.

All ready to go.

My wife reminded me that our city would dispose of the whole tree for free. What fun would that be. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten that big turkey, cheese, avocado, bell pepper, and tomato sandwich first.

 Too much fun. This blade really bites when I pay attention enough to chop with the sweet spot. Tried a couple of different techniques.... one with big, deep, hard biting chops, and one with more, but lighter, faster, shallow, chipping type cuts. Both were fun. The first made faster inroads, and mixed my sandwich up. The second was easier and not as tiring.

 Have a great beginning to the new year."

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