Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Customer feedback

I always enjoy getting customer feedback.  Here's some recently from our men in uniform.

The first is a picture taken on some oil rigs that the SEALs use for training off the California coast.  That's one of my Benghazi Warfighters being carried scout-style at the small of the back by my best customer.  :)

Here's the knife before I sent it to him a while back:

His buddy and fellow SEAL back in Hawaii who likes to bow hunt mountain goats got back in touch with me recently about his goat cleaver.

He said, "I have been putting that zombie cleaver to work! and to my amazement it still shaves a little hair after such abuse of chopping bone, trees, bamboo, and whatever else got in its way."  I confirmed with him that it is the edge that I shipped the cleaver with.  He has finally touched it up since then.  :)

And from a soldier who recently got a Benghazi Warfighter: "I took my War fighter to my grandparents house in Alpine, TX I made a fire in their firepit using well seasoned mesquite that has been dead and laying in the sun for years. The mesquite was rock hard, the saw there was very dull and wasn't getting anywhere so I used my Helmforge to chop through an average leg sized log. It would have chopped better if I put on a lanyard but just the light chopping chipping around got me to where I could smash the log against a rock to snap it in two. It dulled a bit but no chips or rolls. This knife continues to impress me."

Thanks guys!

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