Sunday, June 22, 2014

Order status

As fellow knifemaker Ben Tendick says, my books are CLOSED.

I have had some very patient people waiting on me to get their blades forged, while I've stayed busy with tactical 'hawks and working to increase my line of mid-tech stock removal blades, as well as making headway on my list of forged orders.  While I have recently had an article come out in Tactical Knives magazine that has let a lot of folks know about my work who didn't before, I need to take care of the orders that have stacked up rather than take on a bunch more.

As a knifemaker becomes better known and the number of orders increases, he has several avenues he can follow:

1.  Increase prices.
2.  Increase output.
3.  Limit sales.
4.  Get behind, get overwhelmed, ruin his reputation, and go out of business.
5.  Build a multi-year waiting list.

My approach is going to be a little of the first three and avoidance of the fourth one.  That's why I don't take payment until a blade is ready to ship.  :)  And I'd rather not have the multi-year waiting list, either.

I'll make a link on the right hand of the page that lets you check on whether I'm taking orders at the moment or not.  Until I get caught up, I am only accepting new orders for forged work from people who are:

1.  Active duty military, LEO, or first responders.
2.  Customers who have already bought work from me and want something else.

So, if you have already talked with me about an order and haven't heard back in a while, send me an e-mail.  We'll make sure you are written down on my work list and I will get your blade to you as soon as I can.

If you are interested in a tactical tomahawk, or one of the mid-tech knives when they become available, I am still taking orders for them.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased my work!  I am grateful to be able to make blades that serve their owners well, and am pleased with the feedback I've gotten from folks.


  1. Have you thought about hiring help? B

  2. With the Grinding Division side of things I could and hope to be able to at some point. I have to move more product to do that, and is part of the reason for me launching the mid-tech line. For the forged work, it pretty much has to be done by me. :)

  3. OK. I get it. You are swamped with orders.
    I am a really patient person and am willing to wait. I think your work is so amazing and I would be honored if I had one of your Bush Swords. So, just let me know if there is no hope at all ever, or if I just have to wait a long time.
    Thanks. Terry