Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Aggression with inlaid sheath

The latest addition to my Aggression family of large, double-edged, aggressive knives is interesting to me in how I can see the evolution and refinement of the basic idea and in the execution.  It has a forged 5160 blade 12" long that is fully sharpened on the top edge for about 2/3 of the length and a gentle recurve to the profile.  The handle is a curved coffin outline wrapped in epoxy-impregnated retina-searing neon orange paracord with a black overlay and three-strand Turk's head knot, the butt end of the tang left exposed.

And it comes with a Luke Swenson sheath featuring a dinosaur hide inlay.  Or ostrich leg.  They look much the same.  :D

The sheath has an adjustable-height belt loop.

And to give a sense of scale, a couple of shots of it in hand.

It has the same overall length as one of my 18" tomahawks. I think this would look great on a T-shirt.  :)

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