Monday, July 15, 2013

Spike versus spike

I've had a number of people ask me about the difference between the combat spike and the pry spike on the tactical tomahawks. 

The combat spike is formed by two arcs meeting to make a point.  It's designed to easily penetrate but then easily slip out to allow for a follow up shot if needed.  It's absolutely vicious in that regard, and is a pure weapon.  On the off chance that the opponent survives a wound from the combat spike, it's going to be very difficult to sew up.

The pry spike is formed by two lines meeting to make a point.  It is intended to slip into narrow gaps and then lever out.  In conjunction with the rounded top of the 'hawk's head, it acts like a roller head pry bar with an ax blade on the other side.  The spike is angled in relation to the handle to give good knuckle clearance when prying (one of the alterations made during the prototyping phase).  It's still a vicious weapon and withdraws easily to allow for follow up shots.

And a side-by-side look.

Neither the bevels on the combat spike nor the pry spike meet to form a cutting edge.  They allow for easier penetration and withdraw from a hole more easily than square edges.  The bevels on the combat spike are more acute, pushing through material more easily.  The bevels on the pry spike are less acute, giving greater strength to a point that will see breaching and demolition work.
So you have options.  Straight up weapon, or tool that can also be used for CQC.  And don't forget the hammer poll option.  :)


  1. I, for one, like the hammer poll....depends on the neighborhood, I guess! Bill....

  2. How much do these beauties run. Specifically the combat hawk

    1. Check out the price guide on my stock removal blog: