Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sword collaboration completed! Joerg Sprave content.

I got back from the Blade Show and found that the German customer had completed his work on the sword collaboration and had pictures and video up.  The customer is none other than Joerg Sprave, well known on Youtube for his mad genius at building rubber-based projectile weapons.  Among other creations, Joerg has built full-auto revolving slingshots, sling bows that shoot everything from Oreos to weaponized toilet brushes, and a rubber-powered shoulder-mounted bazooka that launches running chainsaws.  :D

Joerg has a great affinity for killing zombies.  In fact, we encountered each other's work on Zombie Squad.  So in keeping with a zombie apocalypse theme, he decided to take my short sword blade and build a handle that not only doubles as a slingshot, but looks like something that could be built from materials salvaged after the shambling undead arise to bring about the destruction of civilization.

Here are some of the materials:

 And here's what he built with them:

I have to say, this is one of the few spiked sword guards that I like, and that seems like it wouldn't be likely to accidentally stab the wielder.  The inspiration for going double-edged on the blade was the thought of a slingshot resembling anthropomorphic hilts on Celtic swords.  This one ended up looking similar, or the older antenna-hilted swords.  Sort of Mad Max meets ancient Celt.  :)

He also built a scabbard for it, angled to hang where the spikes are clear of the wearer.

And finally, with the triple-layered rubber bands installed:

I really enjoyed the video, especially the cutting test on the zombie head.  :D

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  1. I'm here because of the Jeorg video, and quickly falling in love with your blade work. Most excellent blade shapes, and the concept on a whole is incredible. Looking forward to seeing more! Come Zombies or high water!