Friday, April 5, 2013

Zombie meat cleaver - KITH blade

This is my entry for a KITH exchange over on Knife Dogs.  The theme is zombie kitchen cutlery: "Since Zombies are all the rage and very tasty if properly prepared, how about a Neo Tribal, post apocalyptic kitchen "utensil"?"

So I forged out a meat cleaver. The steel is 5160, the blade is about 12" long, and the hole is 1".

Here's what it looked like before triple hardening in canola oil:

Here it is with zombie-appropriate handle wrap, an edge that shaves hair nicely, and a few "zombie skulls" for testing later on in the weekend.  Video eventually.  A discussion on Zombie Squad decided that all of the zombie-themed merchandise flooding the market right now is colored lime green because it must be outside the spectrum of colors that the undead can see.  Unfortunately, with my good camera on the fritz, the color is also somewhat outside of the spectrum my point-and-shoot camera can see accurately, apparently.  I'll see if I can get better pics before all is said and done.  :)


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  2. You've created the perfect zombie-chopper-from-hell w/this one. Love the convenience of the hole for easy storage in the kitchen, too, as well as the glow-in-the-dark handle........never know when you're going to need this kind of blade! Bill

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