Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trio of knives, last of 2012

This was the last batch of blades to get mailed in 2012. All three are forged from 5160.

The little one has a spray-on truck bedliner handle and a 4" blade. I built the Kydex sheath with a Teklok.

The others have 6" blades. The one is wrapped in black and olive drab paracord impregnated with Minwax Wood Hardener, and the other is mesquite with brass pins and flared lanyard tube. The leather sheaths are by a local sheathmaker.

This customer was very patient. When he found out that his order had gotten bumped back for orders from a Marine, a soldier, and a SEAL, he not only donated $150 toward each of their orders (a total of $450), he also donated $200 for the materials on the half dozen knives I made and donated to the Marines deploying to Afghanistan in the spring. There are a lot of folks out here who are appreciative of our military. :)

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  1. Hopefully you will receive pics from the Marines showing your donation knives being carried in the field. These three knives were a great way to end 2012; I'm sure this customer will be pleased!