Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Primal belt knives

These are part of my Blade Show inventory. They are all forged from 1" x 3/16" 1084 plain high carbon steel, triple normalized, single quenched in canola oil, and triple tempered. The handles have a slab of leather on either side that runs the length of the tang, with a hole at the end so that the hemp wrapped over the top goes through both the steel and the leather. A three-strand Turk's head knot in black cotton cord tops off the wrap and it's all sealed in amber shellac.

The sheaths are made for me by Mike Casanova. The ones for the big blades are ambidextrous.

The little knives range from a blade length of 3 7/8" to 4 1/2" and overall length of 8 3/4" to 9 3/8".

The big knives range from a blade length of 6 1/4" to 6 3/4" and overall length of 11 1/4" to 11 3/4".

I have an ever-growing bald patch on my leg from getting everything sharpened up and ready for the show! :D

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