Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Large quasi-Nessmuk

I forged this out last week while contemplating and assessing what I needed to prioritize as far as working on projects. Kept my hands occupied and my mind calm and I got done what I needed. Made a little bit of money with it too, as it has sold.

Typical for me: 5160, forge finish, filed bevels, triple normalize, triple quench in veggie oil, triple temper. This is the first forged blade for me to use this particular type of cord wrap; the others using it were stock removal blades. There's a leather slab on either side under the wrap that runs the full length of the handle and it has a hole in it so that the cord wraps through the steel and the leather. Cotton two-strand Turk's head knot at the front, hemp cord for the rest of the wrap, sealed in shellac.

I forgot to take measurements, but it's a large blade. I'd say in the 7 inch range.

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