Monday, January 2, 2012

The Wasteland Crow Project: Barong and Symbiote

Noah has worked his magic with horse hide, and another Wasteland Crow Project has been delivered to a satisfied customer. They are destined to be put to work to slay some brush, which satisfies me.

A heavy-duty snap on the belt loop of the symbiote blade's sheath allows it to be securely fastened onto the main scabbard or detached and worn seperately on the owner's belt. In addition, the main scabbard can be worn on a belt or on a shoulder baldric. Carry options are nice!

I thought it was cool how this in-progress shot of the back of the main scabbard looked like a face on a totem or a Viking artifact.

Check out other pictures of the leather being worked on at the Wasteland Crow Project blog: The Wasteland Crow Project

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