Monday, August 1, 2011

Owner review of bush sword

Here's what the new owner had to say after playing over the weekend with the bush sword I traded for the bullwhip. Check out the awesome sheath he knocked together for it!

"Last month, Stormcrow on the Hoods Woods forum, made one of his Bush Swords to trade for one of my paracord bullwhips.

I received the Bush Sword Friday after work. Upon opening the box, I knew that what I held in my hands was something I was going to be using for a long time. To describe it to someone who has never held it, I would say it is somewhere between a short machete and a large chopping knife. It has the light weight of the machete, but the strength of the chopper. I know both the machete and the large knife chop stuff, but there is quite a difference between a machete and a Becker BK9. This Bush Sword would fit the place in between the two. This thing came shaving sharp. I actually nicked my finger through the cloth I was cleaning it with after use.
I was too excited to get out the measuring tape to get dimensions. I will post those tomorrow for those interested.

One thing I noticed was, like me, it came to this world naked. Being a hobby-leathercrafter, I had to clothe this big fella. I used 10 oz veg tan leather, added some D-rings, and made a srap to wear either belt or baldric style.

Now for some testing review. My dad recently began removing a fencerow filled with 40 years of trees and brambles. He had a large pile of both green and well-seasoned trees.

The first thing I did was find a branch about 5 inches in diameter. I am not sure of the species. I hacked through this in just a couple of minutes. Each hit dug deep.

I noticed a mostly dry, thumb-sized stick was in the way, so I let the Bush Sword eat. I slashed at it at a severe angle and severed it with one swipe.

Next, I found some really dry pine, and made a fuzz stick. With the Bush Sword being a light as it is, it offers many holding options. I used every part of the blade to make the fuzz stick, just to see what options I had.

Overall, I am really impressed with this primal little giant.

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