Sunday, February 13, 2011

Winter Count inventory- Neo-Tribal blades

Knife grinder Luke Swenson offered to take any knives I might have ready out to Winter Count primitive skills gathering in Arizona when he went. This is what I got ready to send with him.

The small knives (except for the top one, which is an old commissioned piece whose customer disappeared) are all forged from brand new 5160 drop from a spring shop (actually sold as 5160 alloy, not just guessing that it might be). They're differentially heat treated, triple hardened in veggie oil, and their handles are wrapped with shellac-sealed hemp with cotton Turk's head knots.

The big knives are forged from salvaged pickup and heavy truck spring, differentially heat treated, triple quenched in veggie oil. They all have integral socket handles, but the Walkabout Bowie has hemp and cotton while the other two are straight cotton. Shellac seals it all in.

Luke sent me a message this morning saying that one of the little guys had already sold. Woohoo! Thanks, Luke!


  1. All of these and your hunting sword are all awesome, James! I particularly like the top integral socket knife

  2. Thanks, Noah. Four of the little knives sold, and I think one more is about to be commissioned because of the picture. :)

  3. Those socket handled knives look great! Bill