Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Variations on a theme

This is another little everyday carry knife that was commissioned by someone who saw my girlfriend's knife and wanted something similar. This was actually made before the electrician's knife that was inspired by my girlfriend's knife.

The blade is forged from car spring, forge finished, with the cutting edge and false edge hand filed. The double guard is a flattened piece of railroad spike, and the handle is Osage orange (or "bodark" if you're Texan) and mesquite. The sheath is Kydex.

A forge finish leaves the texture of the oxidation (scale) that forms when the steel is heated. Some people like it, some don't. I like it. I find it a very durable finish, and a good way of adding visual interest. A well-done forge finish shows what the knifemaker is capable of doing with his hammer. Any mis-placed hammer stroke is going to show up for the whole world to see. A good forge finish is smooth, with no random dents from poor hammer control. It is simply a light texture from the scale. After forging a blade that I'm forge finishing, I soak it in vinegar overnight. The vinegar eats the scale off and leaves the steel unaffected.

The customer went from not carrying a knife for several years to carrying this daily.

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  1. Very nice. I will be requesting your services soon. Love your work.