Monday, July 8, 2013

Benghazi Warfighter feedback

I always love feedback from customers.  I've gotten feedback about a couple of different Benghazi Warfighters this week.

The first was from a fellow who actually called me up to tell me what he thought about the knife (all positive, which makes me happy  :) ), the first customer to do so.  I've gotten e-mails before, but never a phone call.  It was especially gratifying since he also makes knives.  He liked how even with the stout spine the knife was able to cut through material well.  He sent me this picture of making some firestarter shavings from a piece of seasoned birch:

He said there was nothing wrong with the edge it had when he got it and it was plenty sharp (shaved hair nicely when I packed it up) but he prefers convex edges and so put one on it after playing around for a while.  If you click on the picture so it pulls up larger, you can see he did that before making the shavings.

The other one comes from my first batch of Benghazi Warfighters.  One of the Marines who received them sent me this picture taken in Now Zad, which a few years ago was a very bloody place.  The Marine tells me it's pretty quiet now.  He's mostly used the knife for things like slicing cucumbers so far.  :)

He told me about the batch of Benghazi Warfighters I sent:  "They are a huge success with all the Marines I handed them out to. Some have mounted them on a belt in the small of their back, others like me are just using the sheath and ziptied that on to the side of our body armor. The knives are also a big hit with the Afghanis. I can't tell you how many people have said, 'Knife...mine!' Of course I always give the response, 'No, mine!' "

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  1. Nice to read feedback from some of your Marine customers. Bill.......