Friday, February 22, 2013

Bushcraft knife put to work

Here's some feedback from Dave Carlson of Blackthorn USA, the new owner of the bushcraft knife recently posted:

"It was about 28 degrees when we hit camp this morning. Needed a fire so the new knife got its first taste of the outdoors. And liked it.

It preformed very well. From delicate cutting required for feather sticks to batoning through a very knotty piece of oak it excelled at the task. And of course remained very sharp. Only one thing comes to mind that I'd ask to have done differently in the future. I’d have the makers mark stamped on the other side of the blade so people in front of me could see it when I’m using it in my right hand. Of course I didn't think of that until I had it in hand. Absolutey great knife in every regard.

The sheath is also excellent, in quality as well as use. I wore it on my left side today so as not to interfere with my handgun. Cross draw for right handed use was easily accessible. The D ring made it nice in that the sheath could pivot up when sitting in a vehicle.

Great knife and sheath! Everyone should have two or three of these. Ok, more pics:


And afterwards, here's what the forge finish looked like:

That scuffing will clean up with 100 grit sandpaper or some steel wool or ScotchBrite. Dave added a little notch with a Dremel for sparking the ferro rods.

When I posted pictures on various knife forums, a couple of folks commented about the handle looking a bit skinny for them. I asked Dave about it as well as for his impressions overall. His response: "Yeah, I didn't take it easy on it, lol. I had a lot of faith in it but I'll tell ya, banging it through that piece of oak would have tweaked the blade on a lot of knives. Your knife took it in stride. I do like the handle. I don't have huge paws like you do, I mean they're not little girly hands, lol, but it fits my hand very well and it's a familiar curve. "

Always good to have a satisfied customer. :)

Dave's website is: Blackthorn USA


  1. Good endorsement by someone who teaches survival. Your knife was put through its' paces & passed w/flying colors! Bill......

  2. Nice James. I need to come see the new set up soon. I am working on my own forge right now.