Saturday, January 3, 2015

Visitors to the shop

Upon occasion I have folks come by the shop and visit.  This is the first time that they've originated from another country.  These fellows come from Australia, though some are now in the U.S.  The two in the middle wearing sunglasses are brothers, both veterans of the Australian Army.  The one holding the knife now lives in Texas and works in law enforcement.

They were hoping I'd have some blades for sale on hand, though pretty much everything I have at the shop at the moment are commissions for customers.  There was one knife in 80CrV2 with a leather and paracord wrap that I had discovered had a slight waver to the bevel and set aside to maybe fix later.  He pretty much insisted that I sell it to him, and since he stood taller'n me and was there with his gang, I agreed to sell it at a discount.  :D

They hung around and played with my new shop cat and tested out my demonstration tomahawks on the old clothes dryer while I built a Kydex sheath for the knife and gave it its final edge.  In amongst such was a lot of good conversation ranging from V8 utes to my usage of the compound contraction "y'all're" in a text message with him.

Also, if you look to the right in the first picture, you can see that I'm growing a beard!  :)

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  1. Being from Australia, they were having the time of their lives on vacation.........glad they dropped in to visit w/you. B