Saturday, January 24, 2015

Variations on a theme

A small batch of Benghazi Warfighters.  All of them are forged from 1/4" 80CrV2 steel.

First one is pretty standard fare for me, with tan canvas Micarta and Kydex.

One with tan TeroTuf and a black oxide finish.

Another in tan Micarta.

And a shorty double-edged version built for a Border Patrol agent, with olive drab canvas Micarta.

The difference in balance between a regular ~ 6 1/2" single edged Benghazi Warfighter and a ~ 5" double edged is interesting.  Usually they are slightly blade-heavy, making them chop decently for such a short knife.  The angle of the shot makes it look a bit further forward, but it's balancing just in front of the handle slab.

With the shorty, the balance point was right under the first of the handle rivets, making it feel very fast.


  1. Do you like the 80crv better than 5160

    1. The performance is comparable with better edge holding. I'm in the process of swapping over to using 80CrV2 for the majority of my blades.