Friday, May 31, 2013

Made it to the Blade Show!

Well, these are some horrifically bad pictures, but here's my table at Blade.  It took a lot of flogging to get everything finished up in time and I didn't get a chance to take decent pictures beforehand.

There on the left end of the table is a project that has been brewing for years: tactical tomahawks.  The prototypes are what did this:

These are quite the departure from how I typically work.  The blanks are waterjetted from 1/4" 4140 plate, then I normalize, grind, and heat treat, making them completely stock removal.  This is the very first batch ready for sale.  There are hammer polls, pry spikes, and combat spikes, each in either 12" overall length or an 18" overall length, with or without sharpened inner beards, and in either black, desert colors, or olive drab color schemes.  The handle slabs are canvas Micarta using flared stainless steel tubing rivets and the steel is coated in Durabake.

Hammer polls with unsharpened beards:

Pry spikes with sharpened beards:
And combat spikes with sharpened beards:

As well, I have trainers waterjetted from ABS plastic.

Someone who knows how to do more with a camera than just point it and push the button could probably have taken pictures that show details better, but I'll have to wait until I can get them in better lighting.

One of the better aspects this year is having my beloved with me.  :)

Two more days, then a loooong drive back to Texas.

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  1. Meant to post here the first time! Anyway, the tactical hawks look nice & hope you're having a great time at the Blade show. Later, Bill