Friday, May 10, 2013

Double edged sword blade collaboration

Some of y'all may recall me making this double-edged short sword a while back:

It was me experimenting to see if I could forge a double edged blade, testing for an upcoming project.

Well, I mailed out my part of the project today, going to a certain mad genius in Germany who will be building the handle for it.  It's not going to be a typical sword when finished.    The blade I supplied is 18", including the choils, and is forged from 5160.

Here it is post-forging:

  Right before packing it to ship, I took it up to the little canyon that's upslope from my shop:

And I braved mosquitos the size of horseflies to film a simple water bottle cut.  Nothing too impressive, just showing it'll cut.


  1. Nice to see your site updated w/this short sword; can't wait to see the finished pics from its' new owner. Bill........

  2. Beautiful work, as always!