Monday, March 12, 2018

Rooster Spur bodyguard knife

A guy who does bodyguard work for rock stars approached me about doing a short, cord wrapped knife for him.  It seemed like an interesting project, so I took it.  He wanted a 4" blade (about as short as I ever make) and 4" handle (shorter than I usually do), sharpened top edge, cord wrapped handle, but left the rest of it up to me.  I took a few tips I've picked up from Ed Calderon and a bit of Spanish navaja influence, some pikal design, and came up with the Rooster Spur.

It's forged from 80CrV2 steel, with a hemp cord wrap over the bare steel of the tang.

It has a narrow little point for easy penetration.  A two-strand Turk's head provides a mechanical lock for the hand to keep it in place when stabbing.

As mentioned above, it was designed with pikal techniques in mind, and the handle works well with a thumb anchor grip.

And, of course, a Kydex sheath for carry.

It's garnered enough attention that I'm strongly considering a mid-tech version once I have the process all sorted out.  :)

The customer described it as "a tank with a razor edge".  :D

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