Saturday, November 26, 2016

Put those blades to work!

I love getting feedback and seeing the blades I make being used.  Here's some pictures that customers have sent me recently.
This fellow in Nebraska has used his o-tanto to cut up boxes, cut an old couch into smaller pieces to be able to fit into a Dumpster, chop up 2x4s, split 2x4s, and make fire starter shavings from seasoned fire wood.  He's been pleased with its edge-holding and toughness when accidentally encountering metal in the couch and cement.
This fellow in Finland had this to say:
"Hi James!
I want to share my experience using Primal/tactical tanto in hunting and fishing trip in Finnmark, Northern Norway.
Knife performed excellent. I used it mainly wood processing. It was used very hard. Batoning wood and chopping smaller branches. It takes some serious blows with baton and it suffered no damage. I clean trout quite easily. Not the best knife for the job, but it was easily done.
I baton juniper roots smaller and small birch logs. (4"-6" wide). Shaving edge was gone but no chips to edge. At home minute with Spyderco Sharpmaker and it shaved again.
Paracord grip was hard to bare hands while batoning as expected. With gloves it was much better. Very good for tactical knife designed for fighting.
My friend tried it too and he liked very much. He liked knifes balance and blade lenght preferring it over Ontario RAT 5 he owns.
Thank you for good knife."
And the pictures he sent:
A Montana customer used his custom tomahawk and knife set to cut the spine out of the Thanksgiving turkey to spread it out in a pan for cooking, something I had not seen before.
Abbott and Costello, the o-tanto twins, have gotten in on the action as well, in spite of going to separate homes.  Costello carved the turkey...
And Abbott opened the corn!

Thanks for sharing, guys!  And a bigger thanks for actually putting the blades to work!


  1. i carry my blade every day and use the heck out of it love it! havent found anything it cant do or things that damage it either.
    Nebraska Tanto thanks James!!