Friday, June 24, 2016

A pair of carcass splitters

So, some of y'all might remember the carcass splitter I made a while back.
 Well, I made a couple more.  :D  I wanted these to be wider blades, more like meat cleavers and less like a Chinese pole arm.  The original was forged from 1/4" x 2" 5160; these were forged from 1/4" x 3" 5160.  The new ones have hemp wraps and Turk's head knots over a foundation of neoprene, all impregnated with marine epoxy.
They were on my table at the Blade Show.  The lights of the wood display behind me made it hard to get decent photos of my side of the aisle, but this should give an idea of size in hand, and also what a year's worth of beard growing looks like on me.
The longer of the two has a 17" blade and an overall length of 36".
The smaller of the two has a 14 3/4" blade and 34 1/2" overall length.
As before, the sheaths are a collaboration between myself and my buddy Tobin Nieto.  In this case they are distressed rawhide over a Kydex core, with brick red India ink "blood splatters" added by me.  We wanted something that looked like it would hang above Leatherface's bed.  I think we got the look.  :D
The big one is on its way to South Africa with Trevor Burger, the fellow in the blue shirt standing behind me facing the other way.  He makes awesome folders.  He had us write a label stating "Sold to Trevor Burger" on the table next to it and would periodically check to make sure that the label was still there.  The smaller one is on its way to California.
I have several more carcass splitters and large cleavers coming along in the next little bit, too.  These are kind of fun to do, though definitely a challenge working on this scale.

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