Monday, June 4, 2012

Zombie Outbreak Response Blades: Brothers of Aggression and Zombie Killer Bush Sword

More for the Blade Show. :)

Aggression's younger brothers will join their elder sibling. They both have recurves, which was not present in Aggression, and each has a different tip and end of the handle wrap. All have fully sharpened top clips that will shave hair, all are forged from Aldo's 1084, all are wrapped in Minwax Wood Hardener-impregnated paracord with a three-strand Turk's head knot.

The one with the neon lime green wrap has a blade length of 12 7/8" and an overall length of 19 1/2". The one with the bronze colored wrap has a blade length of 13 3/8" and an overall length of 19 1/2", with the butt of the handle left exposed for cracking the skull of a shambler if need be.

Also for undead decapitation duty will be this zombie killer bush sword forged in 5160, with an integral socket handle wrapped in retina-searing neon orange paracord and two-strand black Turk's head knots fore and aft. Although its clip is a false edge, it makes up for it with a longer reach with a 15 1/2" blade and 22 1/2" overall length. The blade profile is based on a blade from Thailand that was in an article by Reuben Bolieu in Tactical Knives magazine some months back.

And the whole family together, ready to serve at the first sign of an outbreak. :)

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