Thursday, March 18, 2010

These were two pieces commissioned by the electrician who has done all of the wiring work for my new shop.
The first is a knife he ordered based on the one I made for my girlfriend. He liked it, but wanted one that was a bit bigger and not so pink. :-) As before, it is car coil spring for the blade, railroad spike for the guard, ebony for the spacer, but the main handle is bois d'arc (pronounced bodark by us Texicans) or Osage orange. This is the first time I've made a lanyard hole on a knife. The sheath is Kydex again. It makes a nice friction fit. You can hold it upside down and shake it and the blade won't fall out; yet the knife is drawn and re-sheathed easily.

The second is a wire stripper. The electrician was inspired when he saw a kiridashi that I had made, and came up with this blade design. It's also forged from car spring, and the edge is chisel ground. I added a hemp cord wrap, double Turk's head knots at the ends, and a seal of orange shellac. It ends up looking like an artifact from the South Seas, I think. The Kydex sheath stands out in contrast, but it's practical. I'm playing around with other sheath options so I can offer alternatives to Kydex.

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  1. Hey James! I just noticed your blog in your sig on ZS (this is Wastelander). I think a wooden sheath with a magnet for retention would be cool for this one, if you're still looking at sheath options.