Friday, April 14, 2017

Teaghlach Firearms

This is an article written by Josh Stevens, a customer of mine, a soldier who is dealing with splash damage from too many near-misses with explosives while in service of our country.  He was the fellow who got the first ever Little Rok, as well as its larger companion, Mightor, and a couple of pry bars.

In all my correspondence with him, he has always struck me with his calm thoughtfulness, and he is the kind of guy I'd want in charge of me if I was in the military.

Josh is now a gunsmith.  Check him out:

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  1. James,
    It is funny, I read Josh's article and minus the tumor and surgery part his story and mine are very much the same. Even our Injuries caused by TBI and the symptoms are similar. I can also really relate to all the ups and downs and the whole new chapter in life he speaks of. Also, I'm not a formal gunsmith as he, but I've been to a few armorers courses and I build holsters and sheaths as a hobby. So in that regard our paths are similar as well. And lastly, we both love the hell out of your bad ass blades.